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The Must-Have Gear for Watching the #GOT Season Finale

- - in Cinera



The ground rumbling beneath your feet as hooves pound the icy terrain.

Metal ringing against metal, screeching against shields and armor and blades.

Heat overhead as columns of dragonfire blast through the air, scorching the enemy lines.

Your fellow soldier beside you, and you can see the determination on his ash-covered face as the battle unfolds around you in breathtaking, bloodcurdling, staggering detail.

It’s with equal parts excitement and trepidation that the Cinera team gears up to watch the Game of Thrones season 7 finale in a completely immersive experience. As the first year with ready-to-use CInera prototypes, we are emotionally preparing ourselves to be in the thick of the battle.

(And, of course, literally preparing the popcorn.)


We take our Game of Thrones seriously. So to make the best viewing experience humanly possible, we’ve assembled the top gear on the market. Here’s what we’ve got set up:



With a field of view bigger than a movie theater, Cinera goggles offer the absolute best in home theater. The vivid detail of the dual screens is absolutely stunning—which, for this battle, will be both incredible and incredibly terrifying all at once.



We’ve decided to forgo the traditional headset and settle in with the burden-free arm. Since this season finale is expected to be a doozy (over 70 minutes!), comfort and a stress-free viewing experience is key.



In our humble opinion, Beats Studio Wireless Headphones are the perfect audio-match for Cinera’s visual excellence. The sound is gorgeous. Together, Beats and CInera are sure to get your blood pounding.



Maybe we’re biased, but this has got to be the best recliner on the planet. Not only is it perfectly positioned for using the burden-free arm, but it’s the perfect size for fitting a popcorn bowl by your side.


We can’t wait to report back to you how it goes.

As thrilling as it will be, it’s actually a learning experience for us as well. As our campaign gets closer and closer to production, we are fine-tuning the final details. We are making sure every last component of Cinera is optimized for the best home theater performance.

So I guess you can call this research 😉


While we may “know nothing” about what’s about to unfold, we do know this: this time next year, you will be watching the final showdown of Game of Thrones from the comfort of your own throne.

Check back in later to see how it all went down.

P.S. Did we leave some gear off our list? Let us know in the comments!

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