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CINERA HIGHLIGHT: Glasses-Friendly!

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On our Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been asked many times whether CIENRA is glasses-friendly—and it’s a great question!


As many of us at CINERA are lifelong glasses users ourselves, we completely understand the concern. It’s true that a lot of goggles on the market aren’t comfortable (or even accessible at all) for glasses wearers.


Fortunately, since day one, the CINERA design team made it a priority that glasses wearers have an amazing experience.


That means that we have deliberately left as much space as possible between the eyes and the screen. To demonstrate what we mean, here are two pairs of glasses.



The top pair is a more traditional RayBan LightRay RB7050, and the bottom pair is RayBan Aviator Gold Green Flash sunglasses.


RayBans tend to be slightly wider than average glasses. At 14.5cm, the LightRays are about 1cm larger than normal.



And at a lens height of about 5cm, the Aviators are larger than average as well.



As you can see, both glasses fit inside CINERA with room to spare.

We hope this has alleviated any concerns you may have! Please keep the questions coming—we’re here to answer any and everything you want to know.

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