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A Special Update For Popcorn Lovers

- - in Cinera

Some of our backers were concerned that CINERA may get in the way of you enjoying your favorite move snacks. So we went back to the drawing board!

If you can’t imagine watching your favorite movie without munching on some delicious, buttery popcorn—you are now in luck.

Introducing CINERA’s improved adjustable Burden-Free Arm!

We added an all-new functionality that allows the arm to connect to the goggles from either the top OR the bottom. Check out these short videos to watch it in action.

Connect from the bottom to preserve space:


Or connect from the top for some more hand-to-mouth clearance:


There’s only 10 days left to get your own CINERA on Kickstarter! Don’t miss our “Early Bird Packages” for a limited-time 42% OFF offer. Like always, we really appreciate your continued support.

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